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Title: One day in December
Author: Josie Silver
Publisher: Broadway Books
Pages:  416
Date: October 2018

About One day in December

One day in December of 2007 Laurie is taking the bus to her house when she finds the love of her life. He was standing at the bus stop and smiled at her. A whole year she spends time looking for this mystery guy with her friend and roommate Sarah. One year later in 2008 she finally finds this guy. One small problem: he is the new boyfriend of Sarah. They both pretend that they don’t know each other and
Sarah has absolutely no idea she is dating Laurie’s mystery guy.


Yes, I loved this beautiful love story. I also like that you can read the stories from Laurie and Jack’s perspective. Normally you only know what one person thinks. Or maybe I just read the bad books. Laurie is secretly hoping that they will break-up, but Sarah and Jack’s relationship is pretty serious. And she never tells Sarah that Jack is the guy! Which makes sense because it can ruin their relationship. One year Laurie decides to go on a backpacking trip alone and there she meets Oscar and they are having a wonderful time together. But back home their relationship is different. Laurie does not want to admit it, but Oscar is still her second choice. But Jack is still together with Sarah.

I loved the evil mother in law. Of course, this story has an evil mother in law. Oscars mother is rich and Laurie is not rich, so she does not like Laurie. Oscars mother still has a picture of Oscar and his ex-girlfriend standing on their piano. To be honest, I really did not like Oscar, he seemed perfect and he was really in love with Laurie and he did everything for her. But I did not feel the chemistry between those two.

Ps; I was missing the recipe for the Delancy street special in this book. It was Sarahs and Laurie’s favourite sandwich.

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