Don’t focus on the number of followers

don't focus on the number of followers

I use social media daily and probably you too. In the beginning, it was all new and exciting and we just shared pictures. But these days a lot of people are focused on the numbers; how many followers do I have, how many likes? To be honest I was doing this too for a while. It did not make me happy. We should not focus on the numbers. I suddenly I realized I shared my (blog)goals for this month and it was also focused on the numbers. I want to have XX followers at the end of the month etc. It this really important?

Youtube video

And suddenly I came across a youtube video about the law of attraction and social media followers. And it was not what you think. He did not give the secret how to get followers. Well, yes maybe he did. But not in the way you think.  He was talking about (almost) everyone is focused on the followers, just because they want more followers. And they don’t enjoy the process. That is exactly the problem.

Follow your passion

Having a lot of followers is not the problem. But when you do it just to have a lot of followers, it is. When you put a lot of time and effort in making your pictures and you really enjoy doing it or when you share/write long captions to inspire people, you are adding value. And when you do that, people will notice that and then they will follow you. That was also what this Youtuber was saying: as long you are enjoying the process and you are adding value to your social media accounts, eventually you will get followers.

Interaction with other users

Also, social media like Twitter or Instagram are platforms where you have to be social, you know leave comments on other profiles. Would you rather have 50K followers without any engagement or would you rather have 10K with a lot of engagement? I prefer the last one because I really enjoy the interacting on social media platforms.

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