my goals for july 2019
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Doelen voor juli 2019

Can you believe it? It is already July! we are already halfway through 2019 and that means autumn/winter is coming soon too. Just kidding!! But I also made a list of goals for this month. I think goals are perfect to keep you focused. And this month I am going to focus on my health, so here are my goals for July 2019

Read 3 or more books

The last couple of months I haven’t read a lot of books. This was mostly because I was watching a lot of football (world cup) last month. But that is almost over! This week are the semi-finals and the big finale is this Sunday. My country (The Netherlands) is still winning, so I am definitely going to watch the semi-final and hopefully the final. Anyway, I will get more time to read this month. At first, I wanted to aim for 5 books this month, but maybe that is a little high for this month.

Books I want to read this month:
Karin Slaughter – Fractured
Jill Mansell – Miranda’s big mistake
Colleen Hoover – ugly love

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Walk 10.000 steps daily

I sit down all day long when I am working on my blog, I sit when I eat and I sit when I am watching series/movies. So basically I am sitting the whole day, which is not great for your health. And the weather is just too perfect right now to sit down all day long. I once read that people should aim for 10.000 steps per day. So that is what I am going to do. 
This means that I am going out every evening for a long walk too.

Work-out 20 times

Yup, this month I am completely focused on getting fit again. And besides making 10.000 steps a day, I also want to grow some muscles. I recently found a few workout videos on Youtube that you can do at home without equipment, which is perfect for me. They are also not too long, just between 15 – 30 minutes.

And I am definitely going to write a blog post in the future about how it went and if all this improved my health.


What are your goals for this month?

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My goals for july 2019

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