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A while ago I made a this or that tag for the season autumn. Today is the first day of Christmas and I thought it would be cool to make a this or that Christmas edition tag. Have fun reading and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a beautiful day.

Fake tree or real Christmas tree

A real Christmas tree gives you the extra feelings of Christmas (the smell), but you have to water them. It is possible that there are still bugs in your tree. So I have a fake tree. It is easier and cheaper. When you want a real Christmas tree, you have to buy one every single year.

Gingerbread men or sugar cookies

I am not a huge cookie or sweets lover. I only eat cookies when they are made of chocolate. But I prefer gingerbread over sugar cookies since I am not the biggest fan of sugary things.

Snowman or reindeer?

Difficult one. I think I am going to choose snowman because you can buildĀ one yourself. You can spend hours to build the perfect snowman and warm up inside after when you are done. Well, only when there is snow of course and we are not getting a white Christmas this year here in the Netherlands.
Reindeers are pretty cool too. I love animals a lot, but I would rather make a snowman than seeing a reindeer.

Christmas lights or paper snowflakes (for the windows?)

Christmas lights! Every year I hang Christmas lights for my window and it looks really cool. And the whole neighbourhood is decorated with lights. Every night I go out for a walk, just because I want to look at those pretty lights and other decorations everyone has made for Christmas. Why can’t we have those lights all year long?

Poinsettias or wreaths

Wreaths for sure. I love plants and flowers, but poinsettias are not my thing. And besides that, you know how I love making things. And making your own wreath is also a very cool thing to do for Christmas. It is more special when you make them for yourself.

Sleigh ride with Santa or a trip to elves workshop?

Sleigh ride with Santa I think. In a elves workshop, you have to make things/gifts. I make things every single day, so maybe once a year I want to go on a sleigh ride with Santa. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Home alone or Elf?

Easy! When I was younger I always watched Home Alone. It is still a tradition, but I really love Elf. It has everything and it is so funny. I can watch it over and over. Elf is the best Christmas movie in my opinion.

Do you like my this or that Christmas edition tag?

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