The new Aladdin trailer
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De nieuwe Aladdin trailer

The New Aladdin trailer is here!

It is here ladies and gentlemen: The new Aladdin trailer. And gosh, I am so excited about this! I don’t think I have to explain what Aladdin is about. In theatres on May 24th of this year. First of all, my birthday is on May 25th, this is a perfect birthday present for me. Second, Aladdin was never really my favourite Disney movie, but that has changed because of the Law of Attraction. In the Secret documentary, they compare this Law of Attraction to this movie.

I am kind of surprised to see that it was uploaded on Will Smith’s channel and not on a film company’s channel? Anyway, this trailer is super funny and can’t wait to see the whole movie. And I think Naomi Scott is the perfect woman to play the role of Princess Jasmine! She is just gorgeous.

And I had no idea that this movie would also be in 3D, which makes it more interesting. I’ve seen a lot of 3D movies and some of them would be better off without the 3D effects (Titanic for example). But I think this movie could be perfect for 3D effects, especially with the flying carpet scenes.

Are you excited to see this movie in May?

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