Crochet Wall hanging

For this Crochet wall hanging project you will need:
– Yarn
– 5 mm hook
– Big knitting needles (or like I did: broomstick)

Abbreviations BLO  back loop only; ch  chain; dc  double crochet; dtr  double treble; FLO  front loops only; htr half treble crochet; RS  right side; st(s)  stitch(es); tr  treble crochet; WS  wrong side

So I found this wall hanging thing on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find any pattern. After doing some research I found out what the special stitches were and made my own pattern. Some stitches will be explained as we go along! The pattern is worked in rows, so turn at the end of each row unless is states otherwise- you should have 40 stitches in each row. You can use any yarn you want. And it don’t have to look perfect. I like how it looks.

  • First make a slipknot on your hook and make 41ch to begin.
    Crochet wall hanging


Row 1. (Right Side) Starting in the 2nd chain from your hook, make 1dc in each ch across. Turn. You have now 40 stitches.

Row 2. (Wrong side) make 4ch (counts as 1dtr), 1dtr in FLO of each st.

Row 3. 1ch (does not count as dc) 1dc in BLO of each st.

Row 4. 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in each st across.

Row 5. As row 3

Row 6. 4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch), miss 1, *(1tr, 1ch) in next st, miss 1. Repeat from * 18 more times, 1tr in final stitch

Row 7. As row 3.

Row 8. 1ch, 1dc in each st across.

Crochet wall hanging


Row 9. 3ch (counts as 1tr), *1 puff stitch (ps) in next st, 1ch, miss 1. Rep from * 18 times, 1 ps in final st. To make a puff stitch take (yarn over hook, insert hook into st, yarn over hook, pull a loop back through) 4 times so you have 9 loops on your hook, then take the yarn over the hook one last time and draw the loop through all 9 on the hook.

Row 10. 3ch (to count as 1tr), miss 1 ps, (1ps, 1ch) in each 1-ch sp across, make ps in third of 3-ch.

Row 11. As row 9

Row 12. As row 10.

Row 13. As row 3.

Row 14. 3ch (counts as 1tr), make 1 extended treble (extr) in each st across. To make an extr, take the yarn over hook, insert hook into next st, take yarn over hook and draw a loop back through the stitch- 3 loops on hook. Take yarn over hook, draw through first loop. Then continue making the treble as usual (yarn over hook, draw through 2 loops) twice.

Row 15. As row 3.

Row 16. As row 4.

Rows 17 to 19. Work these four rows in the diamond lattice stitch pattern.  I used the video below I found on Youtube.


Row 20. As row 4.

Row 21. As row 3.

Row 22. 1ch (does not count as dc), 1exdc in each st across. To make an extended double crochet (exdc), insert the hook into the st, take yarn over hook and draw a loop back through so you have 2 loops on the hook. Take the yarn over hook and draw through first loop. You have 2 loops remaining. Take yarn over hook and draw through both loops to complete the stitch.

Crochet wall hanging

Row 23. 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr in each of next 2 sts, *1 popcorn in next st, 1tr in each of next 3 sts. Rep from * 8 more times, make 1tr in final st.

  1. To make a popcorn, make 5tr in the next st. Pull the loop up and remove the hook. Now insert the hook under both loops of the first tr, catch the loose loop with the hook and draw it through the first tr to close up.


Row 24. As row 22.

Row 25. As row 3. DO NOT TURN!

Row 26. Work this row in broomstick lace. Keep the right side facing you- this row is worked from left to right (WHOA). Grab the thickest knitting needle you can find or when you don’t have a big knitting needle, you can use a broomstick.

  1. Use the hook to pull the first loop loosely onto the tip of the knitting needle. Insert hook under both loops of the next st.
  2. Catch the yarn and bring it back through the stitch, popping the long, loose loop onto the knitting needle. Repeat all the way along so you have 40 loops on your hook.

Crochet wall hanging

Row 28. As row 26.

Row 29. As row 27- turn at the end of this row.

Row 30. (WS) 1ch (does not count as dc), 1dc in FLO of each st across. Turn at the end of this and every row now.

Rows 31 to 34. Make 1ch, *1dc in next st, 1tr in next st. Repeat from * across. Turn.

Row 35. (RS) As row 3. Fasten off and sew in ends.


  1. Cut 40 strands of yarn approximately 80cm in length. Fold each length in half. Insert the hook under both loops of the dc on row 35, and catch the yarn with the hook, bringing it through the stitch.
  2. Open up the loop and pass both cut ends through the loop.
  3. Pull the ends to tighten.
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