Changing my life


Change is good and that is why I am going to change my life. I’ve made a video about this, but in this blog post, I will tell you more about it.

A little bit background story

I got a burn-out a couple years ago. Before that I barely had any bad days, I was very active and I had a busy social life. But because of my burn-out, I lost ‘friends’ who did not understand it. I have been always this girl that went to every single party and now suddenly I stopped doing that. And I had more bad days and that is one of the reasons why I want to change my life a little bit. On those days I just want to lay down on my bed for the rest of the day, I feel tired and I don’t want to do anything. And I think I can say I more days like that than good days. Those are the days I can do anything: I wake up early, going to a lot of things before lunchtime, very active and happy.


Keeping a journal

I am keeping a journal at the moment to see if there’s a pattern on my bad/good days. And I am going to share my story here on my blog and on my Youtube. Because I know I am not the only one. For example, in my country, there are 1 million people who are feeling depressed and taking pills for it. That is 1 million people in a small country of 17 million people. That is a lot. Maybe you are also someone who is experiencing depression or anxiety. I hope I can inspire you to change your life.

Things I want to change

Like I am saying in my video, I have a couple of things that I want to change right now and I am going to explain them here.

Work-out or walk every day
Good news, it is 11 AM on a Sunday morning and I already went for a walk. It is proven that you feel better when you exercise more. I wasn’t feeling great and because I wanted to walk every single day from now on, I decided to go out for a short walk. I have to tell you that it was pretty hard. I didn’t want to go outside and face the world. But there was no time for feeling sad. And can say I feel a little better than this morning. So it did help and I¬†immediately wanted to write this blog post and upload my video. I am going to try to make 10.000 steps a day. The pretty big goal for me on bad days, but I really want to change. So I am setting big goals. There is no way back.

Stop using social media and the internet so much
I love Instagram and I can scroll through Instagram for hours. But I also noticed that I had more bad days when I was scrolling on Insta. I decided I can still use it, but not too much. And Yesterday I spent hours colouring without touching my phone.
And I want to stop binge-watching on Netflix. I can easily watch a full season os something and later I regret I spent my time on something useless. I mean, some things on Netflix are pretty good, but I don’t want to binge-watch anymore.

Yesterday I had my first meditation in a long time and it felt so good. I felt completely relaxed and I know meditation can be helpful when you are experiencing anxiety/panic attacks. So I am going to try this every single day from now on.

Find an apartment
I’ve been looking for an apartment for ages now. I know where I want to live and I am going to try to look every single week (or day). I know that houses/apartments can be expensive in that area, so maybe I should consider other cities to or attract more money.

Stop procrastinating and start doing
On bad days I procrastinate literally everything from doing to the dishes and cleaning to getting dressed. When I think of something I have to do, I do it immediately.

Enjoy life and stop caring about what other people say
And that is why I decided to upload a video on Youtube. I never did because I was too afraid what people would say. This is me not giving a fuck about them anymore and just start living my own life. Life should be fun.

So this is my list of things I am going to change right now. I will keep you updated on my Youtube channel,  here on my blog and Instagram.

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