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brain on fire

Title: Brain on fire
Director: Gerard Barrett
Writer: Gerard Barrett, Susannah Cahalan
Actors: Chloe Grace Moretz, Thomas Mann, Richard Armitage

About Brain on fire

Susannah Cahalan is a New York Post writer, who works with her boss Richard and desk neighbour/co-worker Margo. She meets a sound producer named Stephen and they become friends. Susannah begins to experience strange things (such as in a state of trance, people — who are not actually present — talking about her and being sensitive to annoying noise) and Susannah suffers a seizure while in bed with Stephen on her side.

At her mother’s house, Susannah has another seizure. She is taken to a clinic where Susannah undergoes an MRI. The doctor advises her mother, Rhona, that Susannah has been partying too much, working too hard and not getting enough sleep. During dinner with her father, she becomes violent, yelling at her father to stay away. Her parents demand that she is hospitalized despite MRI, EEG and physical tests all showing normal results. But Susannah’s parents know that something is wrong. One of the doctors says to her parents that she is possibly suffering from schizophrenia. The doctor tells them that if Susannah’s behaviour doesn’t improve, she will be transferred to another hospital, where they can deal with psychological problems.  Dr Souhel Najjar is asked to help in investigating her case. Najjar has Susannah draw a clock. She draws it with all of the numbers (1-12) on the right side of the clock, leading the doctor to believe that the right hemisphere of her brain is swollen and inflamed. It is found that Susannah has anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and it is also called ‘Brain on Fire’.

Seven months later, Susannah is back at work and presents her first written piece to Richard since her recovery. A grateful Richard tells her to start writing a book about her experience. Sitting at her desk, she begins to write the story, entitled Brain on Fire.




The first reaction to the trailer was this looked very familiar. Well, this movie came out two years ago, but apparently, Netflix bought the rights to this movie. That is why it looked so familiar. But I never saw the movie, even though I wanted. So when I saw that this was new on Netflix, I had to watch it immediately. And wow, this movie is amazingly good. Chloë played Susannah so good and I believed every single word/action and I felt it. It must have been hard to play this role. You don’t see a lot of her life before, but you can tell she is a different person. This movie is based on Susannah’s story who went through this for a whole month. I am glad this was not a movie based on true events with a sad ending, but a happy ending.
And btw let’s talk about Stephen because he is always there with her. You can see that he really cares about her and at the end, you see that the real-life Susannah and Stephen got married.

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