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bohemian island

A while ago I got the chance to work together with Bohemian Island on my Instagram. But I also wanted to write a blog post about it. But first I want to say that they did not ask me to write this blog post.

About Bohemian Island

Summer is coming and what is better than wearing comfy pants in the summer? Bohemian Island is an online store where you can buy the most beautiful and comfy clothes for everyone. They only use two sizes, but one fits almost everyone. So you don’t have to worry if you get the right size.
But Bohemian Island is not just a webshop, they do something back to the community. This is what I liked about them: They donate 10% to Soi Dog Foundation and Rescue Paws to help save the sick and stray dogs and cats living in South East Asia. How amazing is that?

The products are made from 100% cotton in Thailand in a family-run factory with excellent working conditions for our workers and above average pay.


My opinion

They sent me pants in exchange for an Instagram post. I do get offers every month, but I always say no. Well, that is probably because I don’t believe in coffee that makes you skinnier. I want to work together with people/companies who make awesome products. Then Bohemian Island came along. And immediately said yes. I had a good feeling about this collab. And they are such nice people and so helpful.
And although it came all the way from Thailand, it arrived 10 days later here in the Netherlands. Pretty quick delivery. And Yes, they are so comfortable. I saw the weather gets better from now on, summer in the air. So I can finally wear them outside.


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