Blogging advice #2 : Start blogging

start blogging

So a long time ago I wrote this post with some blogging advice and I am bringing the series back. I have a lot of ideas for the next few posts. And I am also thinking about an Instagram series.

So last post I wrote about the things you should do first before you start a blog, ideas, writing first blog posts and having a name. Today I am going to talk about how to start a blog.


There are different platforms you can use for your blog. Last time I already talked about that you should think about if you want an own domain or not.
If you want to have your own domain, there is one option: It is different from It has more options, which I like! You can use plugins etc.

Option 2 is when you don’t want to have an own domain right away. Most popular platforms are and
I have tried every single platform. When I was 16 I was using and it was all right because then I was not so serious about blogging yet. Then I heard people talking about WordPress, so I tried that out. It was completely different and I had to figure it out everything on my own. Later I decided to get my own domain.

When you want to have your own domain, you need a host. My host is Strato and no, I don’t have a discount link for you, but I think it is a great host. It is also a popular host in The Netherlands. Benefits: one free SSL certificate, own email address and of course your own website. Making a website was pretty easy and you can always ask your own host for help.


This is/was the hardest part for me. I still am not 100% satisfied with my blog, but it is getting there. There are a lot of great options when you don’t want to pay for a theme. When you have a budget for a beautiful theme, check Etsy out. There are some great themes on Etsy!
Make your theme personal. Make your own banner and upload a photo, so people can see who you are.


Don’t forget to write a privacy disclaimer, use a cookie banner and don’t forget to activate your SSL certificate. Since may 25th, every website needs this! You need to find out what kind of cookies your blog uses, do you use google analytics? Write down everything in your privacy statement. You can read mine here. Also don’t copy this, because every blog/website is different.

Just start

Last time I also recommended to write some blogs in advance. This is because an empty blog is pretty boring. So upload a couple of your blog posts.
And I hear a lot of people talking about the right moment. Well, guess what? There will never be the right/perfect moment to start your blog. Just start blogging and see what happens.

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