How to get more views on your blog

Blogging advice #2 : How to get more views on your blog

Recently I wrote a whole blog post about how to start your blog. But after publishing a few posts, you see that you still get 5 views every day and one of them is your mom. Nothing is wrong with that, but you prefer getting more views on your blog. In this blog post, I will explain how to get more views on your blog.

Social media

Social media is my favourite way to get more views on my blog. It is very easy and free. You just to copy the link to your latest blog post and paste it on your favourite social media accounts. You don’t need thousands of followers. When you have 500 followers who engage a lot with you, they are so important too.


If you have Twitter, you can also use it to get more views. Share your posts every now and then, even older posts. Most of my views are coming from Twitter (and Facebook). Start a conversation about the topic you wrote about with your followers.


They say that Facebook is dead, but I still get a lot of traffic from Facebook. I am in a few blogger groups, where you can share your latest blog post (it really works) and I have my own facebook page. I am still working on my Facebook page since I have 58 likes/followers, but can you imagine how many views you can get if you have 1000 likes on your Facebook page


If you have 10K or more followers you can use the swipe up feature in your insta stories, which I absolutely love. And yes people swipe up! You can also add your blog link in your bio, which I also recommend if you want to get more views on your blog/website. And if you post a new photo, let everyone know that you wrote a new blog post and that the link is in your bio.


Pinterest is one of my favourite social media platforms. I can always find some inspiration and you can easily make your own pins using Canva. Use the right keywords in the description and share them in other blogger groups and you will get more and more views. And even better when you add the Pinterest plugin, so people can share from your blog.


Another great way is to write a guest blog post on someone else’s blog. Find someone who accepts guest blog posts and who is in the same niche as you are. When you are a beauty blogger, don’t write a blog post for a tech blog. They probably won’t be interested in your blog.

Leave comments

I really have to do this more often, but leaving comments is a great way to interact with other bloggers so you can build a relationship with them. But maybe other people will also see your comment and go to your blog. Again, it is better to comment on blogs in the same niche.

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