Blogging advice #1 : Start with an idea

blogging advice

So you want to start a blog? Ofcourse you can immediately make a blog in just a couple of minutes, but I think there is something more important to do before you start and that is called preparation. In this blogpost I will tell you everything what you should do and know before you start blogging.

You probably want that people are going to read your blog and maybe you want to do this full-time. Ofcourse there are people that just want to write on their own blog. In that case these tips in this blogpost does not apply to you.

What do you want to write about?

First you need to know what you are going to blog about and you can literally blog about anything: food, beauty, lifestyle, sport, politics, work and new trends. The possibilities are endless. Maybe it is a good idea to write out your blog plan on a piece of paper. That makes it more clear what you want to write about and maybe you can also write a couple blogposts or blog ideasĀ  before you start your own blog. Make a couple of blogpictures. So when you actually start your blog you will have a couple of blog already and your blog does not look empty anymore.

Find something that makes your blog unique

These days everyone seem to have a blog, so it can be hard to really stand out and attract new visitors. Try something different, do something no one else is doing. You can also make podcasts or youtube videos. Write killer headlines, have a beautiful lay-out or use more visuals (graphs) will also help. What is your unique selling point (USP)?

Own domain or not?

If you really take this seriously, I would buy a domain. At first I thought it would be so hard, but is very easy. I found a cheap domein (6 euro for 6 months) at Strato. And I am very happy that I bought my own domain. It looks professional and you can use plugins to make your blog even better. You can also buy beautiful themes. Not sure if you want to blog profesionally? Just try a free WordPress account first and you can always switch it to an own domain.

Social media

Do you already use social media? Are you going to make a Facebookpage for your blog? For example: I use Instagram to post pictures and engage with people and ask them questions. Twitter is more random stuff and I always share my blogposts on my Twitter Account. And recently I also started a Facebookpage for my blog to attract more people. But always remember to be nice to people on any platform.

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