Am I addicted to social media
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Ben ik verslaafd aan social media

Every now and then I caught myself scrolling endlessly through my Instagram timeline. Trying to see if there are new posts, but then I just realize that I looked at my timeline just 5 minutes ago and that there are no new posts. Then I ask myself: am I addicted to social media? The answer is probably yes.

I know that social media is build to get your attention, but sometimes it can be too addictive for me and I know I am not the only one. I recently heard that some people even spend more than 5 hours on social media every single day. Pretty shocking, but I realized that I was no different. I don’t spend 5 hours every single day on social media, but I know I spend more than 2 hours on Instagram. But I am also that person that waste a lot of time every single day on the internet, basically doing nothing. At least, nothing productive. At the end of the day, I always regret that I wasted so much time online that day. But the next day is just the same.

Social media detox

I realize I really need to stop wasting time online. A while ago I wrote about my story about my journey to healthier and happier me. And I think this is the perfect moment to stop wasting time and be more productive. Scrolling through my Instagram is not really helping me. I am less focused and less productive. One or two years ago I took a break from social media for one whole week and I was so freaking productive. I did a lot of things those days before noon. I had a lot more energy and I was feeling great and I really want that feeling back!

This time I am not going to quit social media for a whole week, but I will spend way less time than normal online. I know it is not going to be easy, but I will try. The first few days will be the hardest, because I am so used to unlock my phone every 10 minutes. But I know it will get easier. I already took a break from social media this weekend and I had mixed feelings. It feels like I was detoxing from social media.

I know it is going to be an interesting project/challenge for me. I really love Instagram, because there are a lot of amazing accounts who inspire me to take better photos each day. Some photos even give me inspiration for a new blog post. If I had a hate relationship with Instagram, I would have quit immediately. Why wasting time on something you don’t even like right?

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