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baby driver

Title: Baby Driver
Actors: Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Lily James, Kevin Spacey
Writer: Edgar Wright
Director: Edgar Wright
Length: 112 min
Date: June 2017

About Baby Driver

Baby looks like a normal young guy, but he turns out to be the best driver. But he is using his talent for crimes. He drives the getaway car. The rest of his team is robbing banks and other stores. Baby drives fast and really good.
But Baby does not like this ‘job’, but he has to do it.  Apparently, he has to pay off his debts, because he is barely making money with this.

When he paid off his debts he wants to quit, especially now that he fell in love with the girl who is working at the dinner. He wants to have a normal job. But then his ‘old’ boss wants him for another robbery.



I thought it was going to be a really funny comedy, but it was more a good action movie. Baby got his name because is barely saying anything, just like a real baby. He is always wearing headphones and listening to music because he has tinnitus. And when he listens to music, it makes his life easier.
I really liked the scene where they are shooting other people and they do it to the beat of the song. That was kind of cool. Music plays a big part in this movies, because of Baby and his tinnitus. So you can hear what he is listening. It is always a badass, fast song. Which is helpful when you want to drive really fast. And even though he is helping the real criminals to get away, he is actually a nice guy.

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