Avicii: True Stories

Avicii: true stories

After Tim’s (Avicii) death, I decided to watch his documentary Avicii: True Stories on Netflix.

About Avicii: True Stories

Follow the incredible rise, fall and rebirth of one of the worlds most renowned DJ’s and composer’s, Avicii. From the highs of worldwide chart domination to the lows of major health scares, Avicii: True Stories offers a unique and compelling insight into the life of a modern day musical genius. From the beginning and how he was discovered to his journey on the road and until now and the moment when he decided to stop giving shows.


It feels weird to write about a documentary about someone who passed away. And I have to be honest, but I never knew who Avicii really was. Of course, I knew his music and even though my style is different, I still liked his music.
After watching this, I can only think what a great man he was. He seemed so sweet and honest. And I do have a lot of respect that he decided to stop giving shows. He chose what was best for himself and his body. I know what it is like to feel a lot of stress because you do something you don’t like. Tim was an introvert and introverts don’t like to be at the centre of attention. But by giving shows he put himself in the spotlights, especially because every single he made was a big success. You could see the difference between Tim who was on the road all the time or when he stopped performing. He was so much happier when he could stay home and just do the things that he enjoyed.

Thank you, Tim! Thank you for your music but also for this documentary. I think you inspire(d) a lot of young boys/girls who want to be a DJ/producer too. You even inspired me with this documentary and I don’t want to be a DJ/producer. You showed me that you have to choose for yourself and if there is something you don’t like that you shouldn’t do it. Thank you, Tim.

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