Am I going vegan?

am I going vegan

Last weekend I got a allergy reaction to nuts. And because nuts can make me feel very sick, I have to stay home for a couple of days. That gives me more time to do other things, like watching documentaries. Yesterday I decided to watch earthlings. Am I going vegan now?


For those who don’t know. This docu shows the behind the scenes of the meat/dairy/eggs industry and it literally made me sicker than I already was.  It was actually worse than I thought it would be. I was a bit happy that the docu was in bad quality (it is an old docu). You can watch the Earthlings documentary on Youtube. It is free, so there are no excuses.

What the health

I saw what the health a couple months ago and it did not make me go 100% vegan yet. But at that time I wanted to make better choices. I stopped eating eggs completely and I barely ate any dairy products. Stop eating meat was/is a little bit harder. But I think earthlings helped me with this part. I can not thinking about those poor pigs, cows and other animals when I see meat. It makes me feel sick.


Am I going vegan

Yes, at the moment I am looking for delicious recipes on pinterest. Find out what is vegan and what is not. I think I am going to eat a lot of veggies and fruit first, because that is 100% vegan. As you would already know, I was already sharing vegan snacks like these oatmeal cookies and roasted chickpeas. But in the future I want to share more vegan recipes.

Are you vegan? Have you seen the earthlings documentary?

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