Always and forever, Lara Jean

Forever and always, Lara Jean

Title: Always and forever, Lara Jean
Author: Jenny Han
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 287
Rating: 4.5/5

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Always and forever, Lara Jean

In this last book of this series, Peter and Lara Jean are having a great time together. They don’t have a lot of issues/problems anymore and they try to be honest with each other. But they both are in the last year of high school and it is time to make a decision. They both want to go to UVA, but will they get in? And what if that is not going to happen? Margot, Lara Jean’s sister, already told her that it is better to be single when you are going to college. Does she have to break up with Peter if she has to go to another college?

Meanwhile, Lara Jean’s dad relationship with their neighbour is getting more serious.


Okay, I am really sad that this series is over now. It is good that Netflix is also filming the second and third movie in this series, because I can’t live without Lara Jean and Peter. They are so cute together. In the first book Lara Jean had a fake relationship with Peter and they realised they both like each other. In second book Peter was hanging out with Genevieve a lot and Lara Jean started to hang out with John Ambrose McClaren. But now, Peter and Lara Jean have finally more time for each other. I was happy to see the Peter from the first book again. He was acting weird in the second book and that is why I stopped liking him. It is their final year, so they have to pick a college. They really love each other, but will they still do when they are in college? Or is it time to break up?

There is still drama in this book but less than in the second book. I still thought that Margot was annoying. But I can’t wait to see if Netflix will portays her as a bitch in the second and third movie too.

I really want more of Lara Jean and Peter. I want to know how this ends when they start their college life. Will they stay together for the rest of their lives? I still need answers, Jenny Han!!

Books are very easy to read. I read all of the three books in less than a week time.

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