A plastic Ocean

a plastic ocean

Recently I saw on Instagram that someone saw and recommended to watch ‘A plastic Ocean’ on Netflix. I love watching documentaries, so I decided to watch it.

The documentary starts with Craig Leeson (journalist) loves whales and during his trip, he sees that there is a lot of plastic in the ocean. He decides to team up with free diver Tanya Streeter to see how bad it really is.  I can tell you it is really bad and I definitely recommend to watch this docu on Netflix as soon as possible. Especially the parts where they cut the stomachs of birds open to see what is inside (the birds are already dead) and they find a lot of plastic inside.

I knew it was bad, we use way too much plastic and we just throw it away after we used it. We also know that plastic does not decompose. It will maybe break up into smaller pieces, but that is it. So why are we using it so much? When I go to the supermarket, I see plastic everywhere. Cucumbers are wrapped in plastic, tomatoes in plastic containers and so on. But this documentary did a great job because I immediately started to think about myself. How much plastic do I use and can I use less plastic in my daily life? For example, I use plastic water bottles and most of the food I eat is wrapped in plastic. I still use plastic toothbrushes, while there are so many other options these days. I am going to make some changes in my life because it is needed. I already made plans to volunteer one day to clean up the beaches here in the Netherlands.

Do you still use a lot of plastic, like I do? Maybe you can also a couple of changes. Together we can clean up this beautiful earth.

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2 Replies to “A plastic Ocean”

  1. Sinds “mei plasticvrij” (een actie hier in België), doe ik echt mijn best om minder plastic te verbruiken en weiger ik ook heel bewust plastic rietjes bijvoorbeeld (ik had er nooit bij stil gestaan dat dat slecht was.. of dat dat überhaupt uit plastic gemaakt was). Er is nog een lange weg te gaan en ik moet toegeven dat ik het soms moeilijk vind om een gepast alternatief voor plastic te vinden, maar ik doe alleszins erg mijn best om zo weinig mogelijk plastic te verbruiken en weg te gooien.

    1. thewildflowerhippie says: Reply

      Ik ben ook nog maar net bezig en elke stap die je zet is al heel goed denk ik. Het maakt mij in ieder geval wel veel bewuster.

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