a christmas prince

A Christmas Prince

Title: A Christmas Prince
Actors: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige
Director: Alex Zamm
Writers: Karen Schaler, Nate Atkins
Genre: Romance
Rating: 7/10

A Christmas Prince

Amber Moore is a journalist and works for Beat now and now she finally gets the chance to write an article. But she has to go to Aldolvia for the story. She has to write a story about the prince who is the future king. But apparently he is a wild one. There are stories of him everywhere about him partying with a lot of girls. Amber pretends to be the new teacher of the Richard’s little sister. Are the stories about the prince really true or is he really different?


Netflix is finally making Christmas movies and it is actually a good movie. Amber doesn’t want to get back empty-handed. So she really does everything to get a story. And when someone thinks she is the new teacher, Amber takes this chance to get her story. One person immediately knows who she really is, but he/she promised not to tell anyone.

Is this Christmas movie me those lovely Christmas vibes? No, not really to be honest. The movie is entertaining and yes it takes place in the snow. But no, this isn’t a real Christmas movie. You can basically watch this all winter long.

Of course, Amber doesn’t fall in love with Richard immediately, but she does find out that he isn’t a party animal or a ladies man. They start talking to each other and even though they are becoming friends, Amber is still looking for some secret to write about.  And in the mean time she has to pretend to be someone else. And that can be very hard when there is another woman. This woman is in love with Richard too and she is really trying to find out who Amber really is.

It is a perfect romantic movie. Story line and actors could have been better but is is just fine.

Have you watched this movie?

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