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A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding

Title: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
Actors: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige
Director: John Schultz
Writers: Nate Atkins, Karen Schaler
Genre: romantiek
Rating: 5/7

A Christmas prince: The Royal wedding

This is the Christmas prince part 2. In the last movie you could see how Amber and prince Richard started to know each other and how they build a friendship. And at the end of the movie Prince Richard proposed to her.

In this movie, a year later, they are getting married. But Amber definitely expected something else. She doesn’t like her dress for example but they don’t listen to her. She can’t even share her own opinion about her own wedding. The Weddingplanner does everything. And meanwhile, Mrs. Averill is pushing Amber that she has to stop sharing those photos on her blog. Does Amber still want to marry Prince Richard?


Okay,  so I enjoyed watching the first movie. This one, not so much if I have to be honest. I was missing the romance and the chemistry between Amber and Richard. That is one thing that is crucial in movie like this.

And Mrs. Averill was pretty nice in the first movie, but now she is a total bitch. In a Christmas prince she was pretty nice to Amber. But now she is doing everything to make Ambers life miserable. She has a reason why she is being mean to everyone but still. You don’t treat a future queen like that.

To be honest I was missing a good story line as well. It was just so boring. At some parts I just wanted to skip it to the end to see how it would end. But that does mean that the movie isn’t so good. And in the first movie I was feeling a little bit of Christmas vibes but that was totally gone in this movie.
I know there will be a third movie. I hope that the chemistry between Richard and Katie will come back. In the third movie they will get a baby. And you really need chemistry and romance to make that movie better than this one.
But I am curious to find out what the obstacle is in the third movie. In the first one it was a jealous woman and Amber who was lying. And in this movie it was Mrs. Averill.

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