9 habits that will improve your life

9 habits that will improve your life

Habits can make or break your day and everyone wants to have a great day right? These are 9 habits that will improve your life. Of course, it can take time to replace your old habits with these new great ones. But it is definitely worth it.

Wake up early

Don’t spend hours and hours in your bed in the morning. Get up immediately. Even better when you normally wake up at 9 am, try to wake up a few hours earlier. Of course, you will have to go to bed earlier too. I noticed when I would wake up early, I get so much more done in the morning. I am very productive and I also feel great when I wake up early.

Side note: I think I am going to try ‘miracle morning soon’. Which means you wake up early and start your day right. The way you start your morning can make or break the rest of your day. I will write more about this topic soon.

Take breaks

Take breaks, especially when you feel stressed. Take a deep breath in and breath out. Don’t forget to eat and reset your mind for a minute or 2. This will help you to get your focus back. When you have to do something difficult and you don’t know the answer, take a break. And when you come back, it probably looks a lot easier.

Exercise daily

And by exercising I don’t mean you have to run a marathon every single day. Even walking is great for your health, body and mind. I try to go out for a long walk (1+ hour) every single day and I feel so great when I am done. My mind is so much clearer. That is the reason why I go out for a walk when there is a lot of chaos in my head.

Go outside

Even better when you go exercising outside. I mean, it is summer here right now and the weather is just perfect. The sun is shining all day long. Who doesn’t want to spend time outside on such a beautiful day? Of course when you go outside in the summer, don’t forget your sunscreen, a bottle of water and your sunglasses. Go to the park and hang out with your friends or go to a restaurant where you can eat outside. And of course, when you have a garden or a balcony, you can just sit down and read a book.

Relax after work

Sometimes work can be overwhelming. You come home and you still think about something that happened at your work. But you know you should clear your mind before you go to bed if you want to get a good night of sleep.

Do something that will clear your mind. If watching Netflix will help you relax, do that. When reading or exercising will help you to calm your mind, do that.

Clean it up

Do you know what they write about messy rooms? Chaos in the room means chaos in your head. And I really agree with that. I feel so much better when everything is clean and when there is no mess on the table. Before you go to bed, clean your house. And when you work from home, clean everything up when you are done with working.

You will see that you will feel so much better. Maybe this is the reason why I wanted to become a minimalist.

Take care of yourself

You can’t take care of someone else if you don’t take care of yourself. Eat healthy food, exercise, don’t waste too much time on social media comparing yourself to others. And by taking care of yourself, I mean that you should not just take a bubble bath and use the best body lotion in the world. I also mean that you should meditate, yoga. You have to take care of the outside AND the inside.

Slow it down

Don’t be in a hurry all day long. First, make realistic planning for the day/week/month and just slow it down. Use the time to finish that project, your homework or your blog post. Another tip is don’t multitask. Some people say that it is great for you, but it isn’t. When you multitask, you focus on one task for only 50%. Which means you will make mistakes a lot faster. Take the time!

Shower in the morning

Last, but not least. This is my lifesaver. Even when I wake up tired, a shower in the morning can really change my day. I feel energetic after my shower and I am ready for the rest of the day. Another reason is that I always feel so relaxed after taking a shower and that is a great way to start your morning

You can even try to take a cold shower for a minute or two.

Do you have more great habits that you would add to this list?

9 habits that will improve your life

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