8 countries I want to travel to

8 countries I want to travel to

The last time I traveled to another country was ages ago. But a few years ago I even went to Belgium for a concert of Mumford and Sons. Okay, I never been on a plane before. But it is still very easy to travel in Europe. You can easily take the train from the Netherlands to Germany, France, England en Belgium. But I still haven’t visit a lot of countries in Europe and I really want to see the rest. These are 8 countries I want to travel to.

8 countries I want to travel to


Italian food is my favorite so it is no surprise that I want to travel to Italy right? I don’t have specific places/cities I want to travel to be honest. I think I would love to see bigger and popular cities like Rome and Venice but I would also love to see smaller unknown places in Italy. As long they have great restaurants where I can eat, I would be happy.


I love the Spanish language and I love to watch La casa de Papel. It is definitely my favorite series. When I am going to Spain, I think I would go to Barcelona first. I’ve always wanted to go there.


Years ago I would never think about Austria as a possibility for a holiday. One of my friends went to Austria in summer and she sent me a lot of pictures to me of this beautiful country. I would definitely go for a hike in the mountains and enjoy the beautiful view. Austria is definitely more the place to be if you want to go on an active holiday. Which is perfect for me. I don’t like lying on the beach for hours. That is not me. I want to be more active.


This is also a country I would never think about years ago. But now I know how beautiful this country is. Plus it is definitely cheaper than going to Italy or Spain. But I just want to see their beautiful nature so I would go to a few national parks over there. Plitvice Lakes national park is definitely on my list. It looks so beautiful.


The sea, white house, the beach. That is what I think about when I think about Greece. And to be honest I don’t have a city I want to visit because I think I could fall in love with every single city in that country. And of course I want to visit their islands too. But I would visit them in autumn or something. Not in summer when everyone is there.


So I have this thing with the U.K. I love their culture, I love the language and just their countries in general. I’ve been to England before so that is not on my list anymore. But I’ve never been to Ireland. I know it rains a lot in Ireland but that is basically it. I don’t mind a little bit of rain so I am cool. And every Irishman I’ve seen on tv or whatever was beautiful so I might stay there for the rest of my life if I find my dream man. (Just kidding of course)


What is on your travel bucket list?

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