7 reasons to start reading books

7 reasons to start reading books

When I was younger (around the age of 10 years old) I was reading a lot of books every single day. I could finish a book in just one sitting. But I was also the only in my class who love to read. And still at the moment I barely know people who love to read. I give you 7 reasons to start reading books.

1. It is relaxing

Every time you start reading, you enter a different world. You forget everything what is happening in the real world. And after a long stressing day at work (or not), you want to relax. Go read something funny!

2. Gives your eyes rest

We live in a world full of technology and that is okay. But it is important to give your eyes a little bit of rest. It is better for you eyes and if you work all day long behind a screen, rest is needed.

3. Fantasy

I love I can enter a completely different world and imagine what everyone will look like. It also makes you better in fantasizing. Every time I read a lot, I also come up with interesting book ideas. (maybe I should start writing on Wattpad?)

4. Collecting books

Bookshelves look better with a lot of books and not just 10 books. Start reading a serie and you can collect all of the books! My favorites: Harry Potter and Shadowhunters. Or collect the classic books at barnes and nobles, this is absolutely one of my favorites. The covers are so gorgeous. I don’t own any book of the collection yet, but I really want to. Click here to see the beautiful collection.

5. You learn something

Books can be informative. There are many different books out there in this beautiful world. And you can find a book about anything you want. I personally love to read books on how I can improve myself and my life.

6. You can talk about it

I love to talk about books I’ve read. Every time I see someone reading a book that I liked, I want to talk to them. But I don’t because I am too shy and I know how annoying it is when someone disturbs you when you are reading a good book.

7. You never get bored

I bring a book everywhere I go. Most people are using their phone when they get bored, I read. I read books on my way home from the university a few years ago. And before I knew it, I was already home. Be careful if you are reading on a bus, because you can miss your busstop. I may have the experience

Do you read?

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6 Replies to “7 reasons to start reading books”

  1. These are all very good reasons to read more. I’ve been wanting to get more into reading books again, so this post was super inspiring to me!

  2. Yes to all of these reasons to start reading! I used to read so much when I was younger and it has gone by the wayside as technology has taken over.. thanks for the inspiration to get back to it.

  3. Ik hou echt van lezen! Lekker ontspannen en helemaal wegdromen in het boek.

    1. thewildflowerhippie says: Reply

      Ja fijn he!? 🙂

  4. People who don’t enjoy reading freak me out LOL!

  5. Reading is so much fun and I have no clue why some people think is boring and say “Well, I don’t read books” like it’s some kind of accomplishment. I’ve been re-enforcing my reading habits lately and I can’t describe how much better I feel know.

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