7 leopard printed clothing

leopard printed clothing

Leopard print clothing is hot right now. Everywhere you look you see this trend. I have to be honest that a couple of years ago I was never a fan of leopard prints. But I am starting to like it. Not everything though. I picked my favourite 7 leopard printed clothing for this blog post.

1. Dress with printed belt

leopard printed clothing

For when you think a dress with leopard print is too much for you. Gives a little bit extra to your black dress. 19.99 GBP

2. Leopard print t-shirt

leopard printed clothingWhen you want something extra and more colour in your outfit, this red leopard shirt is perfect for you. I remember I had something like this when I was younger. 5.99 GBP

3. Leopard shirt

leopard printed clothing
I think this is my favourite on this list. Not too much leopard print and when you keep the rest of your outfit (and jewellery) simple and basic, it is perfect. 15.99 GBP

4. Leopard trousers

leopard printed clothing
I thought a leopard printed trousers would way too much for me, but I kind of like this one too. Of courseĀ I would keep the rest of my outfit very basic. 25.99 GBP


leopard printed clothing
I also like this one. I love headbands and kind of want to buy this headband and wear it at Christmas. 5.99 GBP

6. High heels

leopard printed clothing
Love these shoes! I would buy it if I could walk on high heels. But I haven’t worn high heels in ages. 29 GBP

7. Jacket

leopard printed clothing

It is getting colder, so a faux fur leopard printed jacket will keep you warm. Looks really cosy. 72 GBP

Which one is your favourite?

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