7 habits that will improve your life
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7 gewoontes die je leven verbeteren

On a scale from 1 to 10: how happy are you? Maybe the reason you clicked this blog post is that you want to be happy. I can’t guarantee happiness, but these 7 habits will definitely help you a little bit.

7 habits that will improve your life

Doing nothing at all

We are online 24/7 these days. The first thing we touch in the morning is our phone and before we go to bed in the evening we quickly check our social media. But this means that even when you have a moment for yourself, you grab your phone. When I was little, we had no mobile phones. (yes, I am THAT old, lol). Anyway, I remember that I was bored a lot of the times. This was mostly during our 6-8 weeks summer break. But do you remember the last time you didn’t do anything at all? I didn’t either, so I tried to do nothing for 30 minutes. Yup, I got really bored and I wanted to do something. But I also got a lot of new inspiration for my blog or a story.

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Be crazy

Act a little crazy. Turn on your favourite (guilty pleasure) song and dance like nobody is watching. life is already way too serious. And in my opinion, life is just too short for being so serious all the time. Just live a little.

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I can’t say this enough: but gratitude is so important in our life. How do you expect to attract amazing things into your life when you are grumpy 24/7? Being positive attracts positive things.
And when you are expressing your gratitude, you will see more things to be grateful for. Normally you would never notice the bird that is always singing in your garden, but now you do. And it is these little things that make your life better.

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7 habits that will improve your life

Celebrate successes

I think this goes hand in hand with gratitude because when you celebrate your successes, no matter how small, it will improve your life. You are now more focused on what you achieved instead of what you didn’t achieve. Always look on the bright side of life.


Visualizing is amazing. Visualization involves creating images, whether it be in your mind or physically creating them, which show your goals and dreams you have for your life. You can use visualization by making vision boards, so you physically have the picture (your goals) in front of you or you just take time for yourself and you visualize in your mind what you want. 

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Challenge yourself

Step out of your comfort zone every now and then and challenge yourself. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new language: I love to use Duolingo to learn a new language. Or maybe you want to challenge yourself in the gym or maybe at work. I love to challenge myself. It keeps me motivated and focused on what I want to achieve.


Did you know that smiling is free? When you leave the house, put your best smile on and be awesome. People will smile back (unless they are really grumpy) and you will also feel better. People (scientists) are also saying that smiling boosts your immune system and your overall health. Smiling also releases endorphins which will make you feel even happier and more relaxed.

Do you know more habits that will improve your life? Let me know in the comments.

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7 habits that will improve your life

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