5 tips to create more me-time
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5 tips om meer tijd voor jezelf te maken

I am a big fan of me-time and I try to take time for myself every single day. Sometimes I take a few hours of time for myself and sometimes I am just fine with taking 5 or 10 minutes for myself. Sometimes I take a long bath and other times I like to meditate. Me-time is a great way to take care of yourself and doing what you like to do. That is why I wrote this blog post with 5 tips to create more me-time because I want to show how easy it is to implement me-time in your daily schedule.

5 tips to create more me-time

Early morning

What is better than waking up and do something for yourself. If you are the person who wakes up early, you can take some time for yourself. Start meditating in the morning for the perfect start of the day.  Or make your favourite breakfast. Or put your favourite music on and dance a little. Stretch a little to let the blood circulate. After a long night spending in bed, your body can use some (stretching) exercises.

Go for a walk

I go out for a walk every single day. Even on a rainy day, I try to go outside for a walk of at least one hour. First of all, it is really great for your body. I always feel so relaxed after a long walk. Especially when I walk in nature. When I feel a little bit of stress in my body, I go outside. It is my favourite cure for stress every single time. So go to the woods and spend an hour in nature. I will promise you will feel better. And taking care of your body/mind is also me-time.


If you are not a morning person, it can be harder to create some me-time in the morning. Even though I still recommend it to start your day relaxed. But if you are really struggling in the morning, you can also create me-time in the evening. Maybe you just got home from your job and you can use a relaxing moment. Put your phone down and just breathe. Maybe you can take a long bath. That is one of my favourite me-time moments on the colder winter days. You can also take time for yourself to read your favourite book or watch your favourite series.

Go somewhere alone

As an Introvert, I love to spend time all by myself. I don’t mind going to the cinemas alone. Or go shopping alone. When you go shopping with a friend you always have to ask if they want to go somewhere and when you go shopping alone you can go to the stores that you like. For example, my friends don’t like reading that much. So when I want to go to a bookstore, I don’t spend too much time there. Even though I really want to. So when I go shopping alone, I spend a lot of time in a bookstore. 


You can also pick up or find a new hobby. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies, but I also like to be creative and to diamond paint or to crochet. Of course, you can also pick a hobby that isn’t creative. Maybe you like to work-out or play videogames. You can do anything, as long as you enjoy doing it and it does not make you feel stressed out, 

What is your favourite way to create more me-time for yourself?

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5 tips to create more me-time

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