5 reasons to love social media

5 reasons to love social media

Have you noticed how everyone is talking about how bad social media is for you? But I never hear someone talking about why they love social media. Well, here I am! I love social media, especially Instagram and I give you 5 reasons to love social media.

You decide who you follow

If you think that social media is bad for your mental health and it feels like a toxic place, maybe you should take a look at your following list. Social media itself does not make you sad and down. It is mostly the people you are following. Do a unfollow spree and ask yourself: Why am I following them? Do they make me feel inspired and happy? If not, unfollow them.

Interacting with like-minded people

Without social media I could not talk about the things I really like. There is a whole bookstagram community I love and because of them I discovered a lot of new authors I love. If social media did not exist, I could not talk about the Law of Attraction with others. And last but not least, I could not talk about blogging with other bloggers. 

Great for your business

If you are a business owner, you definitely should consider using social media. Because it is so much easier to reach more people these days. You can use geolocation on Instagram, so people can easily find your brand. There are 1 billion people on Instagram, so it is absolutely possible to grow your brand with a little help of social media. 

Creative outlet

On Instagram I see photographers sharing their art. I see Etsy stores open their social media accounts to reach more people, but also sharing what they make. Other artists are sharing their beautiful drawings and paintings. And it is great, because it is your platform and you can share whatever you want. 


I love to use my platforms to inspire people and to make them feel a little bit happier. I used to share a quote every single day and I got a lot of DM’s every single day because people were loving those quotes/posts. I don’t do it anymore right now, because it takes a lot of time too. But instead, I share them in my stories or in my captions. 
You can use your social media accounts to spread negativity or you can use it to spread positivity. It is your choice

So as you can see there are many reasons to love social media. Social media isn’t bad for you, it is how you use it and who you follow. Use it wisely and just share what you love. Stop scrolling for hours and start creating content. Don’t share what will get you more engagement, but post more what you love. 

Why do you use social media and which platform is your favourite?

5 reasons to love social media

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  • Ran | Ran Travels

    Weirdly enough, I’m actually not a huge fan of social media (it takes months before I post new stuff on my Instagram haha) but I definitely agree with you here! I love how social media lets us become creative with the way we present ourselves to the world. I love travelling and I really enjoy reading travel blogs and sharing my own stories with others! I just wish I was more diligent in posting… oh well, maybe one of these days! ♥️

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