30 ways to get out of your comfort zone
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30 manieren om uit je comfort zone te komen

The one quote I always hear is:
Live begins at the end of your comfort zone. But why is it good to leave your comfort zone and do the things you are afraid of? Scroll down for the full list of 30 ways to get out of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone feels safe

When you stay in your comfort zone, you feel safe and comfortable. Which can be really nice. I also stay a lot in my own comfort zone too. But it is good for you as a person to step out of your comfort zone. Because when you step out of your comfort zone, you can finally grow as a person. You can expand your comfort zone and face your fears and feel more confident.

When you stay in your comfort zone, you are also doing the same things over and over every single day. You are not really living, you are surviving. When you step out of your comfort zone, you will get this feeling that you are really living your life. And when you accomplished something that is scary, you will feel proud, your mood improves and you will feel great.

Get out of your comfort zone with these 30 ideas.

So if you want to step out of your comfort zone, but you have no idea how. Below you can find my list of 30 things that you can do to expand your comfort zone.

– Talk to 5 random strangers
– Donate money to a good cause
– Sleep naked
– Surprise someone
– Let go of things you don’t use anymore, but still, haven’t thrown away
– Public speaking
-Start your day with a cold shower
– Book a 5-star hotel or hostel
– Start the day with yoga
– Visit a new restaurant
– Pick a sport you normally wouldn’t pick
– volunteer
– Follow a course (maybe a photography course? or something else that is completely out your comfort zone like hugging trees)
– Negotiate about prizes at the local market
– Don’t watch or read the news for a whole month
– No phone/internet for 2 days!
– Overcome your biggest fear! (spiders, height etc)
– Learn something new that isn’t your first choice to learn
– lay down on the ground and pretend it is very normal
– CouchSurfing
– Live in another country for a few months
– Start networking
– Say yes to the next invitation you get
– Give up your addiction for the next two weeks
– Tell someone that he/she is beautiful
– Speak another language for a week
– Attend a meetup
– Wake up at 6 and go out for a walk
– Travel by yourself
– Wear something ‘different’ and go outside

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