22 habits of succesful people

22 habits of succesful people

Most of us want to be successful. And by successful, I mean living the life you want to. This could be anything. But most of us aren’t successful but stressed. That is why there are so many books to feel happier and to be successful. These are the 22 habits of successful people have/do.

Always be growing and learning

They say when you stop growing/learning, you stop living. And by this, I don’t mean you have to go back to school. No, you can learn a new language from home or read books about certain topics.

Read books

Like I said you can read books for growing. But I also mean you should read books for others because it lowers your stress levels too. When I want to improve myself, I read self-help books. Do I want to relax? Then I read something different and fiction.

Having a hobby

Everyone should have a hobby. That thing that can keep yourself busy for hours and you enjoy it so much.

Health and wellness first

When your health is terrible, do you think you could still run 5k or be productive at work? Don’t think so. Eat healthy food and take care of yourself.

Visualising goals

Make a vision board and look at it every single day. Imagine/visualize that you already have that life and really feel it.

Taking action

Of course, you can have great ideas, but when you sit on your couch all day long, nothing will happen.


Do this whenever you want to. What went well? and what could you have done better? Write it down, so you can work on it.

Creating a plan of action

First you need to know what your goal is. Without any goals, you can’t create a good plan of action. Be specific and realistic in your planning. Don’t say you can write 10.000 words every single day when you can only do 3000 words.


Tony Robbins always says: ‘Motion creates emotion’.  Change the way you move your body and you will feel different. I mean, you can’t feel sad when you start dancing and jump around.

Having a routine

My morning routine is the same every day. Now it became a habit and I don’t have to think about what I have to do next. I just do


Bring your mind back to the now and just feel how you feel. I love to meditate because I can go from feeling so stressed to super relaxed in just a couple of minutes.


Gratitude is so important. Don’t say what you don’t have, be grateful for the things you already have. This can be anything. Be grateful that you woke up this morning, be grateful that the sun is shining, be grateful that you own that car.

Recording ideas

Ideas can come up anytime. This is why I always bring my phone OR my notebook so I can write things down. I get a lot of ideas when I am walking outside. I just take my phone and write it down.

Planning the night before

This is so effective. When you wake up you already know what you have to do this day. You already made your schedule, which leads to less stress. Because when you make your planning in the morning, you are not completely focused yet (maybe you forget something). Plus when you already are in a hurry you don’t want to make a schedule too.


You can use this for your reflection as well. Write down what you did today and how it makes you feel. You can see the things that cause stress. If possible you can stop doing it or do it in a different way that feels better.


Sleep is important. Listen to your body. When you think you need more sleep, go to bed earlier.

Focusing on strengths

Why would you focus on your weaknesses? That does not make any sense. Find out what your strengths are and improve yourself.

Managing money well

You don’t need a lot of money for this. When you have 2000 euro every single month, you can’t spend 2500 euros. When you get 100.000 every month, you can’t spend 110.000 on things. Don’t spend your money on useless things.

Single focus

A lot of people think that multi-tasking is a smart thing to do. But it is not. Because you are not completely focused on one thing. And when you are not completely focused on that thing, you can’t do it as well you want to do it.

Pick the right people

You are the average of the 5 closest friends. So be sure you spend your precious time with people who uplift you, who encourage you and support you all the time.

Know their values

What is the most important thing in your life? If a family is important to you, spend time with your family.

Growth mindset

Developing is important. Make sure your mindset is positive. Say to yourself that you can learn anything you want to and challenge yourself. Don’t say that you are not good at something.

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