20 facts about me

20 facts about me

I’ve been blogging for about a year now on this blog and I realized that I never introduced myself or gave you the chance to get to know me. That is why I made this list of 20 facts about me.

20 facts about me

Get a cup of coffee or tea and sit down, because this blog post about me is pretty long. I tried to be original, instead of saying what my favourite colour is. I really wanted to tell interesting 20 facts about me, so you would really get to know me.

1. I am a 90’s kid and I love it

I love the 90’s. I love fashion from those years and it is coming back again. I love listening to music from the 90’s because it brings back all good memories.

2. I am obsessed with older movies and music

I love Grease, Dirty Dancing and the breakfast club. Some movies that were made after 2010 are good, but I think that older movies (before 2005) are so much better! Same for series like Girlmore Girls, Full House and The O.C. Those are classics. And Netflix is making Fuller House right now, but Full House is so much better. And I love older music, like Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Queen, The Beatles and many more.

3. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now. Started this one last year

I started blogging on Blogger when I was 16 years old.  At that time I bought surprise boxes with make-up and I unboxed everything on my blog and I even wrote reviews. Blogging wasn’t big like now. Back then I  wrote in my own language (Dutch). I’ve always thought about writing blogs in English. Just to improve my English. I started to grow as a person the last couple of years and I started blogging about different things like Law of Attraction. That was the moment I decided to write more in English because I would reach more people. I thought (and still think) that a lot of the Dutch people never heard of LoA before, so it made sense to write in a different language.

4. I love to read

This is probably not a surprise, right? I mean, I write book reviews and you can find a lot of photos of books on my Instagram page. But I’ve always read a lot of books. At the age of only 5 years old I was already reading things and because I was pretty good at learning, I started reading more and more. I had a library pass when I was younger and I remember that every summer you could loan a lot of books for 6 weeks and I easily read 8 or more in those weeks. When I was 17 years old I decided to read more English books and now I read mostly English books. I don’t want to wait for the Dutch translation.

5. I don’t wear a lot of make-up (only mascara, lipstick and nail polish)

True fact. A couple of years I wore a lot and suddenly I decided not to. Before I even felt insecure about my looks with make-up on. Now I don’t wear a lot of make-up and I don’t care what people think. And to be honest I think everyone is more beautiful without too much make-up.

6. I went to two different high schools

School system is completely different here in the Netherlands, so I keep it simple. You go to high school when you around 12 years old and just for 4,5 or 6 years. I had to go to high school for 5 years. The first three years I went to a Christian high school because I come from a Christian family. But I never felt home at that school. I was bullied for being different and I didn’t believe in God. After 2 or 2,5 years I said to my parents I wanted to a different school. And when I had an intake at my new school, I immediately felt home. Those school years were the best years of my life. I really loved school and I started to grow as a person.

7. Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons

I love spring because everything starts to grow and lambs are giving birth to little lambs. It is so cute and beautiful. I love autumn because it is really a cosy season for me. You get sunny days, but also autumn storms. And it is never too hot or too cold in spring and autumn. Our last summer was pretty hot and we had temperatures of 30-35+ Celcius and our last winter was also very cold (-20 degrees Celcius). So 10-20 degrees in spring and autumn is perfect.

8. I love to watch Gilmore Girls and Full house

These two series always make me laugh. It is funny and relatable. I love the relationship of Rory and her mother Lorelai in Gilmore Girls. They are basically best friends. I also love Gilmore Girls, because Rory loves to read a lot. I even want to read all of the books of the Rory Gilmore reading list.  And Full House is funny and sweet. The cool uncle Jesse taking care of little girls. But Stephanie was my favourite. She was the funniest.

9. I am obsessed with Christmas.

It is November and I am already watching Christmas movies. I am already listening to Christmas music and I want to decorate my place this weekend. I want to make it a little bit cosier. And of course, I am also working on beautiful festive blog posts for December.

10. My favourite social media platform is Instagram

Yup. I also have Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest. Pinterest is cool for inspiration, I use Twitter for my blog and random thoughts and I use FB for my blog. I added a couple of friends on FB, but that’s it. I can speak to my friends on Whatsapp and that works fine for me. I use FB so I can share my blog posts with the world.

11. I used to dance and play football

I’ve always love to dance and play football (soccer for the Americans). I started playing soccer with friends every day at school and after school. I always played with boys, but that made tough. I wasn’t afraid to tackle someone or to fall. Around the age of 12 I decided to take dance classes and I love it. It gave me a lot of positive energy to perform in front of a lot of people. But around the age of 15/16 I wanted to play football and I found the perfect football club for me. And I was pretty good at the training, but then I got a job. I couldn’t combine those two things, so stopped playing.

12. I am single but ready to mingle

Single Pringle is waiting for her prince. That is me. I’ve been single for a while now and there are lot of nice guys out there in this world. But I haven’t found the right guy for me. So here I am waiting for this guy. But I am sure he is worth it.

13. Favourite food is Pizza and pasta

I know that everyone is saying this, but it is the truth. I always make my own pizzas, because I don’t really eat meat. So I love using a lot of veggies on my pizza. And yes, I love pineapple on a pizza. I also think it is weird that people say that you can’t use pineapple on your pizza. Of course, you can!

14. I have a cat named Kiwi

He is really camera shy, so I don’t have a lot of photos of my cat. I got him 4,5 years ago. I had a cat before Kiwi, his name was Perry and he died in February. It was my birthday in May and then my mom had a present for me. But she couldn’t give it to me right away, because he was too young. It was Kiwi. A month later he became my best friend. Normally cats are pretty shy and they have to get to know you. But Kiwi wasn’t. He saw me as his mother and he was immediately walking next to me all day long. I went to the kitchen, he was standing next to me. I went upstairs, he also went upstairs. He didn’t want to be alone. Kiwi loves to cuddle and he sleeps next to me. And he loves to sleep on my pillows, so I don’t have one.

15. I ran 5k without training

So in 2012 I really wanted to run the Color Run. But I was too lazy to train. My friend also signed up for the Color Run and she also didn’t train for it. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. Not at all. Not recommended for a real 5k, but for a Color Run it is fine. Color runs aren’t about how fast you are, it is all about having fun. You can slow down and just dance. Everyone is wearing crazy outfits. Fun fact: I had to travel (train) for 2-3 hours and I was completely covered in paint. So everyone was staring at us, which was so funny.

16. I call myself spiritual

When I was younger I also thought that Yoga, self-growth and self-help books were for those hippies. Well guess what? Apparently I am one now. During my burn-out I started to read about Law of Attraction, self help books, social media/internet detox and Yoga. I see crazy signs in this world. For example I know you can ask the Universe for a sign if you are wondering if you are on the right path. I asked for a pink elephant. I mean, you never see a pink elephant right? You have to ask for something that seems impossible. And just one day later I was reading the news and there it was: the pink elephant. Someone was dressed as a pink elephant for an experiment. Nothing is a coincidence.

17. I love being creative

I can crochet, I love making personal Christmas/birthday cards and more. I’ve always been creative. One of the things I am really proud of is the painting below. That night I had this feeling I had to paint something and a couple of hours later I finished this.

20 facts about me

18. I can read other languages

At my high school, I’ve learned English, French and German. And while I am not the best at speaking or writing, I am great at reading. I even can read Spanish and I just took a couple of classes to learn that. And when I see a tweet in a different language, my brain still know what the tweet says. Not every language though. But it is also fun to read in other languages. I read French books for school and it feels so good when I understand everything.

19. I don’t have a drivers license

Every time I tell someone I don’t have a license, they are always so surprised. These days it is normal that you take drivers lessons when you are 16/17 years old. Back then, I didn’t care about it. My friends were getting their licenses and I had no reason to take drivers lessons. Now I am older and I am pretty sure (for now) that I am better off without a license. I get distracted very easily when I ride my bike and I think it would be the same when I would drive a car. And I don’t want to put myself and others in danger.

20. If I am not interested, I am not giving 100%

At school, I wasn’t interested in everything. But when I don’t care about something, you see my grades dropping. It is not because the exams were too hard. I just didn’t care. But when I care about something, I give 200%. That is why I now care about doing fun things only and write about the things I am passionate about.

Did you like these 20 facts about me? Tell me one fact about yourself in the comments.

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