13 things you can do on a rainy day
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13 dingen die je kunt doen op een regenachtige dag

Before I tell you the 13 things you can do on a rainy day, I would like to thank the rain for the inspiration. There is even a huge storm going on outside and I really prefer staying inside to stay safe and dry. If you need some inspiration on what to do on a rainy day, you are in the right place.

13 things you can do on a rainy day


One of my favourite activity is to read books. It was raining last weekend (and it still is) and I even read two books.  If you need inspiration because you don’t know what to read, you can look on my blog for book reviews or just go to my Instagram page.

Diamond painting

A while ago I wrote a whole blog post about diamond painting. If you need something that will help you to relax completely, diamond painting might be something for you. You really don’t have to think. But it is more challenging than colouring books for grown-ups.


If you want to be very creative, create something. Go to the store and buy paint and just start! If you have children, you can do this together with them. They will surely like it.

Redecorate your house/room

It is January and to be honest I think January is the perfect month to redecorate your home/room. It is a new year and a new fresh start. Maybe you just want to buy decorations or you can paint your walls in a different colour.

Clean your house

On sunny days you prefer to spend your days outside, but you still have to do your chores; doing the dishes, wash your clothes and clean the kitchen. Rainy days are perfect for that. Put on some comfy clothes and put some funky music on and go!!

Watch Netflix

Do you want something more relaxing that includes laying down on your couch or bed? Watch some Netflix series, movies or documentaries.

Write your own story or poem

You have always wanted to write a story/book or a poem? Just do it! Wattpad is a great platform where you can start writing. You only need an idea or inspiration and the internet on your computer. And when you think that is the place for only amateurs. Some writers started on Wattpad before publishers discovered them. Did you know that Netflix has made a movie (The kissing booth) based on the Wattpad story?.

Go to a museum

Museums are great and every single museum is different. I believe that there is a museum for everyone. Do you like abstract art, go to a museum that has abstract art in their collection. Do you love history? Go to a history museum.

Go to the cinema

I love going to cinemas. Of course, you can watch a movie at home, but to me going to a cinema feels more special. Buy some popcorn and something to drink and you are ready to go.

Go shopping with your friends

Do you want to spend time with your friends? Go to the shopping mall and start shopping. What I really like the most is that we try on things we would normally never buy. Maybe it looks really cute. You never know and it is also very fun.

Meditate and me-time

You can also use this rainy day to take time for yourself. Take a bath, drink a cup of tea or coffee and meditate. Listen to the rain that is ticking on your window. I love that sound and it makes me feel so relaxed.

Go to a gym for a work-out

Work on your body (and mind) and go to the gym. Or join a dance team or a tennis club. Pick something you really like to do.

Or work-out from home

We live in 2019 right now and everything is possible. You can even work-out from home. You can find a lot of work-out videos on Youtube that are even free. But you can also buy the Bikini body guide work-out by Kayla Itsines. And it is great when you want to work-out but don’t want to go to a gym.

What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

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