12 tips to work efficiently

12 tips to work efficiently

Do you work efficiently? No? Today I have 12 tips to work efficiently. Let me know in the comments which tip is your favourite one.

Wake up earlier

This makes sense right? If you normally would wake up around 8 am and now wake up at 7 or maybe 6 in the morning, you have at least one hour more to do your work.

Learn how to say no

You can’t do everything at the same time. And too much to do can cause stress. Do you really want to do all those things? If not, just say no.

Do important things first

The less important stuff can wait. You don’t want to have the problem that you don’t have enough time for your important things. That is why you have to do them right away.

Time limit for a task

If I set a time limit for writing a blog, I noticed how easy it is to finish writing that blog in that amount of time. Because I know I have so many minutes/hours for a task, I stay focused.

Don’t think about the rest of your to-do list

It will stress you out when you think of all the things you still have to do. Just write them down and let go.

Do less to achieve more

Less is more. When you do less, you have more focus and time for your tasks.

Isolate yourself

No distractions, no people.

Make a habit of important tasks

Are there any important tasks you work on every single day? Make it a habit. I write my blogs in the morning for example. That is also the time of the day when I am really focused

Save little tasks

You can check your mail every hour, but you can also answer them all at once. Check your e-mail every two days and make time for it to answer them all.

One single task at the time

Some people think that multi-tasking is efficient. However, it is not. Because you are not completely focused and you can make mistakes.

Treat yourself

When you finished that big task with a break of half an hour. Your brain will be happy with that too because it needs to rest every now and then. Try to meditate during your breaks, so you will stay focused.

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