10 signs you are on the wrong path
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10 tekenen dat je de verkeerde kant op gaat

Are you on the wrong path? A few symptoms I had when I realized I was on the wrong path were exhaustion, irritation and I hated the things I was doing. And you are in a low vibration, which also isn’t great when you try to manifest things into your life. I give you 10 signs you are on the wrong path.

Hating Mondays

How often are you telling everyone that you hate Mondays so much? How often do you hear someone else saying that Mondays are stupid? It is not Monday’s fault. It is because you are doing something that you don’t like. 

You have to force yourself to step out of bed and go to work. And Friday is your favourite day because that means that the weekend is almost here. If you are like this, maybe you should start looking for a new job. Your work life is a big part of your life. Would you prefer doing something you like or something you really hate?

Tips om je maandag goed te beginnen

Easily irritated

When I had my burn-out I was feeling tired, sad and irritated. You find everything annoying. You get irritated by the neighbour who is talking too loud at 3 pm. Or you get irritated because nothing is going like you want to. You even get irritated when your food is one minute late. And you know it is stupid that you get irritated by those little things.

Feeling empty

You just feel empty. You don’t want to do anything, except lying down on your bed or couch. You think you can’t talk to anyone because no one will ever understand how you feel. Even the things you liked to do before, doesn’t make you feel happy anymore. You feel literally nothing.

And this can be really frustrating. You want to be like everyone else. Enjoying watching movies or reading books. Going to parties.

Feeling unsatisfied

You are never satisfied with how everything is going. You are always looking for more. You go shopping and think that buying new clothes will make you happy. It works for maybe one hour and you are back to feeling unsatisfied again.

Unanswered questions

Who am I, what do I like? Do you ask these question yourself a lot? I have to say that it is not a bad thing to ask these question yourself. Even when you think you are on the right path, asking these questions can still help you. 

I had a time where I had absolutely no idea where I wanted to go. This was around the time that I was recovering from my burn-out. I already realized that I wouldn’t be happy if I wouldn’t change. So I asked these questions myself. And wrote down what I liked to do. And from there I realized that going full-time with blogging would be my thing. I liked so many things, from reading, watching movies to writing and helping other people. Here on my blog, I can write about all of those things. And it really feels good and I don’t see myself working somewhere else. This job is so creative, which is perfect for me.

You always feel tired

Feeling tired was definitely the worst thing and even now when I have a bad day, I feel tired. When I am in a high vibration I feel great and I have the feeling I could continue working for hours. On the days that I feel bad, I just take a break. Blogging is a 24/7 job, so you really have to make sure that you don’t forget to make time for yourself.

Feeling tired can be a huge sign that you are feeling low. Of course, it can mean something else too. Just go to the doctor first and take a blood test, just to see if something is wrong with your body. But when you are feeling tired because you are feeling low, try to find out what you don’t like about your life. If you do something every single day that you don’t like to do, you can feel exhausted. It cost a lot of energy to do something you don’t like.

Unclear goals, dreams and future

You have absolutely no idea what you really want. You don’t have goals and you absolutely have no idea how your future looks like. This goes hand in hand with what I said before about asking yourself life questions like what do you like to do?

And again some people know what they like to do when they are 15 and some people just find out when they are 30 or 40 years old.

Low self-esteem

Low energy often means that you also have low self-esteem. If you get a compliment, you asked or wonder what they want from you.  You can also tell it if someone has low self-esteem. Their posture is not great. 


This is one of the things I really dislike: routine. And I see it everywhere. I see people waking up, going to their jobs till they come home again around 5-6 in the afternoon. The rest of the evening they just sit on their couch watching television. 

I was like this too. I hated it but had no idea how to change it. The focus is just on surviving the day. But you should focus on yourself and what you like to do. These days I ask myself: what do I want to do today. Of course, I still have to do certain things for my blog, but I make sure that I am enjoying my job and free time.

You just feel it

I don’t know about you, but I feel when I am in low energy. And I can even feel someone else energy and tell how they feel. 

And it is a combination of everything. You feel exhausted, empty, sad, angry and all of the other ‘negative’ emotions. Nothing is going your way and you have a hard time manifesting things.


Are you on the right or wrong path? Are you happy with your life?

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10 signs you are on the wrong path

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