10 reasons why I love spring
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10 redenen waarom ik van de lente houd

It is officially spring now! Who else is excited? Spring is one of my favourite seasons and I think I could tell you a million reasons why I love this season so much, but I only give you 10 reasons why I love spring.

Everything starts to grow

Every tree is growing leaves and flowers are starting to grow again. Every day I go out for a walk and during the winter everything is in winter modus (Dûh). Trees don’t have their leaves, some of the animals are sleeping, you can barely find any flowers in nature. But now everything is very colorful outside. I see daffodils/narcissus and crocuses everywhere. And everyone is working in their garden to plant more flowers.

More Sunshine

Okay, I live in The Netherlands so the weather can be very unpredictable. But overall we get more sunshine in spring (and summer). And I am looking forward to get some vitamin D. I am currently taking these vitamin pills to get extra vitamin 3D. Funny enough, the sun is not shining on the first day of spring.

Summer nights

Some people prefer dark nights, but I prefer those summer nights where you can sit outside till 9 or 10 pm. Enjoying this beautiful weather and just reading outside all night long. And instead of watching the sunset (if that is possible) in winter at 16:30, you can see those beautiful sunsets between 10-11pm.


Birds are singing very loudly every single morning (and all day long.) It starts when it gets light outside, which is around 6 AM right now. And I really love to see little lambs, goats, cows and horses. They are just so freaking cute. I am thankful that I live close to a couple of farms so can see those beautiful creatures every single day.

Spending more time outside

I don’t spend a lot of time outside in winter, because I am always cold. I mean, I still go out for my daily walks, but those walks aren’t super long. But that is why I go for a super long walk in spring. I love spending time outside and not just walking. I also love to work/read outside every single day. Getting some fresh air and also spend more time offline, which also gives me a lot of great ideas for my blog and Instagram page.

Everyone is happier

Have you noticed how everyone is so much happier in spring because I do! Especially on the first real spring day. I used to work in a store and I could really tell if it was raining or sunny outside, just by looking at their faces and their behaviour. Everyone was so much friendlier when it was warm and sunny.

A lot of holidays

Okay, I am now probably just speaking for the Dutch people, but I think most of us have the same holidays. First, we have easter, then we have here in the Netherlands Kingsday, 5th May is our day of freedom (festivals), ascension day(s) and Pentecost. And of course, I have a million of birthdays coming up too (especially in May).

Summer clothes

Yes, goodbye 12 layers of clothes. Hello, cute summer dresses and shorts. To be honest, I feel so much sexier in summer clothes than winter clothes. Probably because I am wearing a lot of hoodies in winter, but I like comfy clothes.

Spring cleaning

I did this actually yesterday. But I cleaned the whole house and I’ve found a million cat hairs. But it really feels so good when everything is clean. This is also the time of the year that I like to see what I would still wear this spring and summer and the rest I will donate to charity

Spring plans

I love to make plans in spring. Because I can finally make plans again to have a BBQ in the park with some friends, or we just sit outside on the terrace at the restaurant/pub. Maybe I am going to Keukenhof this year too. This is currently the place to be for a lot of Instagrammers because you can take a million instagram worthy photos. But the reason why I want to go is that I love flowers a lot. Probably not a surprise to you, since my name is the wildFLOWER hippie.
And when it is raining, I can always pick something from this list that I’ve made a while ago.

So these are my 10 reasons why I love spring. Why do you love spring? Or do you prefer another season?

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