10 things that lower your vibration and how to fix it
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10 dingen die je vibraties naar beneden haalt

When you try to manifest new and good things into your life, you want to raise your vibration. And you want to stay away from the things that lower your vibration. These are 10 things that lower your vibration and how to fix it.

10 things you did not know lower your vibration and how to fix it

1. Stress, worry and anxiety

These days I see a lot of people who are feeling stressed, worried and anxious. And I have to admit, I was really one of them. My anxiety was so bad a couple of years ago that I did not want to go outside. And it took some time to ‘fix it.’ And you do the same with stress and worry. For Anxiety, I think you need to find another approach to get better. But maybe these tips below can help you.

But there two types of stress and worrying.
1a: You can stress and worry about things you control
1b: You can stress and worry about things you don’t control.

The solution for type 1a:
You can probably control the things you are currently stressing about. And let me tell you, there are a lot of things you control. If you are stressing about your job because you don’t like it. Start looking for a job you will like. If you are hanging out a lot with negative people, stay away from them (later in this post more about negative people).

Sit down and think about why you are feeling stressed. It is probably fixable. Write it down, so it becomes clearer. And make a plan of action on how you can change your situation.

Solutions for type 1b:
There are some things you don’t control like diseases and by that, I don’t mean the diseases that you got because of your stress. Yes, stress can really make you sick.

But basically, the only thing you can do is to change your mindset/thoughts. For example, you have to go outside, but is raining. Negative people might think: oh god, not again. I don’t want to get wet. Other people might think: Oh well. I will use my umbrella and everything will be fine.

2. Chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere. In your food, beauty products (like shampoo and shower gel) that you use every day and even in your cleaning products.
The thing you can avoid them is to buy more organic food or maybe even growing your own veggies and fruit in your own garden. Try at least to eat healthier. that already helps a lot. Try to stay away from eating junk food every single day and eat more veggies.

And there are a lot of beauty brands and cleaning products brands with fewer chemicals or even without chemicals. Some of them are more expensive, but I think it is definitely worth it.

3. Negative feelings towards people

We’ve all had this before. That day we were jealous or we just disliked someone. And when you go on social media these days, it is not hard to find any hate comments on the internet. They are everywhere. If you are getting hate comments, I wrote a post about how to deal with those and you can read it here. But if you have negative feelings towards other people, maybe it is time to do something about it.

Because when you leave a hate comment like ‘you are stupid’ on someones social media, do you really think that it is them? No, of course. It is a reflection of how you think about yourself. Start focusing on yourself, be a little bit selfish and start loving yourself.

And the next time you notice you are jealous of someone, ask yourself why. Instead of being jealous you can be happy for them. There is enough for everyone in this world.

4. Feeling ungrateful

Gratitude is probably one of the most powerful things in this world. If you are truly being grateful for the things in your life, you will receive more things to be grateful for.
But these days we take everything for granted until it is too late. Maybe your internet is too slow, but you can also take a moment to be grateful that you actually have internet. There are parts of this beautiful world where they don’t have internet.

You can start a gratitude journal and every morning and evening you write down the things you are grateful for. Another thing you could do is making a gratitude bracelet or find a rock and call it your gratitude rock. And everything you touch and see this object, you name at least one thing you are grateful for. There is always something you can be grateful for. Maybe the sun is shining or the birds are singing and you just had your favourite dinner.  And really feel the emotions of gratitude.

5. Others energy

Others energies can also lower or raise our vibration. So when you spend time with negative people, you will feel drained. Try to stay away from them. At first, you can always try talking to them. Say that they don’t have to be so negative all the time. Of course, it is their own choice if they want to change or not. If not, stay away from them.

10 things that lower your vibration and how to fix it

6. Words

When you say: I don’t want to get a bad grade or I don’t want to do this. You will attract those things because the universe does not know the word ‘Don’t’. Because you are focused on not getting a bad grade, you will get that. When you focus on getting an awesome grade, you will get that.

If you say I can’t do it and you are a total loser, the universe will respond to that and give you the feeling that you are a loser. Be careful what you think or say. Try using positive words more often.

7 Alcohol and drugs

I am not saying that alcohol and drugs are always bad. The key is balance. But if you feel bad after just one drink, stop drinking. Stop drinking when you only do it to impress other people. Drink only alcohol when you like the taste of it.

8. Negative media

How often do you watch tv? And what do you watch? Watching the news will lower your vibration because most of the time the news is so negative. Other things like bloggers/YouTubers who complain, tv series with a lot of fighting can lower your vibe too. Be careful what or who you are following.

Follow people who are spreading positivity, watch series that makes you happy and laugh. Avoid the negative people on this internet and you can even block them too.

9. Spending time inside

We spend a lot of time inside our house or another building. Especially in the winter I barely see people spending their time outside. I get that it is cold sometimes, but even an hour walk will change your mood already. In summer I love to spend my whole day outside in the garden or somewhere else.

Another way is to bring nature to your house. Put more plants (not fake ones) in your house. Be careful if you have a cat or dog because some of them can kill your cat (when they eat them). But houseplants can raise your vibration. Buy new crystals can also help to raise your vibration if you are also into that

10. lack of passion or love

Some people are trying to survive each day and they are living for the weekends and their holidays. Not doing what you love, can also lower your vibration.

Try to find something you really feel passionate about. find something you look forward to. Do something that makes you excited for that day. Do you want to read more books? Stop watching binge-watching things on Netflix and start reading more. Do you want to spend more time in nature? Just do it. Don’t be afraid of what others think. Do what YOU love. You only live once.

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