My Happy Hippie Week #1

Last week I told you in an update that I would show more of my personal life/behind the scenes. And here it is! The first edition of my Happy Hippie Week.

I have to say that I didn’t take a lot of pictures, like at all. So this time there won’t be a lot of behind the scenes pictures. But I will take more pictures next week, atleast I will try.

Cold Weather

This week was pretty cold here in The Netherlands (and Europe). On wednesday it was not warmer dan 5 degrees celcius below zero. Because of the strong wind/storm, it felt a lot colder. The apparent (feels like) temperature was between -15 celcius and -20 celcius here in the north. I am happy when this is over.


I’ve got  a lot of ideas for my blog this week. On monday and tuesday I’ve spent almost 10 hours a day on my blog: writing new content, research, reading other blogs, commenting other blogs, making pins for pinterest.
But it was all worth it, because I get a lot more pageviews than I did before.

Taking care of family

Everyone in my family decided that it was a great time to get sick, so ofcourse I had to take care of them. Cooking, cleaning and other things. They are already feeling better now, so I have more time for myself now. And apparently I like taking care of others. I didn’t mind at all.

Currently reading/watching

At the moment I am trying to finish Shadowhunters: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I love this book so far. And I also can’t wait for the new season of The shadowhunters on Netflix soon. I can tell the differences between the book and the serie on Netflix. This week I didn’t watch a lot of Netflix. I think I’ve only watched Madagascar.
Oh and I almost forgot: I am watching the Algarve cup, football for women. Supporting the Netherlands ofcourse. They won their first match last wednesday by 6-2 against Japan. And while I am writing this, they are playing against Denmark.

Things I am grateful for this week

Blog is growing – Being very productive this week – Sunny weather all week – Cuddling with my cat Kiwi – Reading the shadowhunter: city of bones – Eating dark chocolate – Sweet comments on my blog.

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  1. I like it to read what you did last week!

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